Your team of hospitality

Familie Waldinsperger und Ihr Team
From the left: Jakob Waldinsperger (hotel-master and boss of the house, your contact for reservations), Martina Waldinsperger (hotel-expert, your contact for houskeeping), Wolfgang Foith, Michaela Riendl, Roland Waldinsperger and Margarete Fenzl-Waldinsperger

Heartfelt welcome

Who never loves, Who never laughs, Who never failed, Who never is fond of good cheer, who is living like a dead body!

We tell about us

Our inn the Gasthof "Hotel zur Post", Erlau is a family-owned enterprise. All employees were also chosen like family members, soo a few are part of the furniture.

Our Mission

These are our common efforts for you our dear guests: A timeout from workload and hurry. A piece of home far from home. And moreover marvelous memories.

Our Vision

We want to be your new favourit inn, hotel, restaurant or vacation spot.

Our Staff

That you feel at home!


(Trainee hotel specialist or chef)

Welcome here in Erlau!

Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. Cleaning rooms, checking guests in or out. If you like the contact with other people, if you would like to get to know a really varied profession, then, exactly then contact us.

Martina Wandl

Martina Wandl

Servus (Bavarian for Hello!)

I am responsible for the cleanliness in the guestrooms. So that you can enjoy your stay here from the first minute. Relax here and feel comfortable homelike.

Dominik Döring

Dominik Döring
(hotel expert)

A very warm greeting!

As Bavarians by choice, we feel very much at home here in Erlau. Our ambition - all our guests should feel at home.

Jennifer Haneder

Jennifer Haneder
(Chambermaid Housekeeping Expert)

Hello and good day in Erlau!

On the floor I and my colleagues are responsible for the cleanliness. So that you can relax and feel good from the very first minute here in the house.

Wolfgang Foith

Wolfgang Foith

Welcome here in Erlau!

Since 1982, I have been spirit of the house. If you should require something in your guest room, contact me and I’ll do my best.

Jakob Waldinsperger

Jakob Waldinsperger
(Hotel Master, Diet Chef & Business Economist VWA)

Welcome here in Erlau!

I am your contact person at the reception or in the service. I would be happy to plan your family celebration, holiday or conference with my team. As your host, it is important to me that your experiences remain unforgettable. Of course, we always cater to your individual wishes.

History of the Post in Erlau

18001954 Since earliest times was a post station with an stable here in Erlau. The inn was next to the Danube. Because of the construction of the hydroelectric power station Jochenstein, the inn was broken off and built up newly at the opposite side of the street.  
1995 The rising tendency encourage us to build a extension with modern guest-rooms.
1954 - 1982  The Post was a popular restaurant. Because the owner had emigrated to America the land lord had changed a few times.  This happened before my family purchased the estate in autumn 1982.
2013 - 2015 The flood 2013 is in every news. Our hotel is an island in the middle of the Danube. It lasts 2 years to remove all damages. The new lounge, the beautiful hall and the new holiday flats invite you to stay in Erlau.

The future and sustainability of our inn "Post" in Erlau

1995 First attempts to avoid simply blowing the heat generated during the production of cold into the environment. We bundled our cold production into a network, the waste heat was loaded into a Eureka boiler. This boiler supplied our drinking water boiler which could be additionally heated with oil if required.

2002 The flood shows us the danger of the fuel oil and we change from oil to natural gas. New energy-saving burners are installed.
2008 - The limy Erlauer drinking water deteriorates the efficiency of our heat recovery. We are looking for a better solution. We find Hygienik, a stratified tank. Now we charge heating water with the heat and the hot water is heated fresh when needed.
2012 In our hotel building we do not want to burn the energy/gas we need for heating and hot water pointlessly. Solar thermal energy is unfortunately not suitable for our roof because the optimal areas are shaded. In order to use the gas even more sensibly we examine the acquisition of a block heat and power plant, which produces beside warmth also electricity. The "Dachs" of the company Weigerstorfer makes the race with us.

Flower Meadow

flower meadow
2013 The flood also destroys our entire heating systems. "Dachs", cooling with heat recovery are renovated. But both gas heating systems will be replaced by low-temperature boilers.
2017 Ecology is a matter close to our hearts.  We purchase green electricity from LichtBlick. The green electricity does not come directly from our sockets yet exclusively. Since LichtBlick buys 100% of its electricity from renewable sources, such as the Jochenstein hydroelectric power station, the pressure on fossil-fuel power stations or nuclear power stations to finally retire is increasing.
2019 After monoculture and insect mortality were more and more a topic in the media, we decided not only to sell local honey, but also to create a bee-friendly meadow. A small bee hotel is to support this additionally.

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